The Esthetics And Aesthetics Of Presenting Your Dissertation

In the context of this short academic note, for the time being, esthetics will be your responsibility. As a senior academic fellow, you are already aware of your academic duties and it is extremely rare that you fall short. Now, this short note, in all modesty, cannot compare to your capabilities as a compositionist. Nevertheless, it can still motivate and encourage you. This will be pertinent for those of you currently on the lower rungs of the academic year.

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Congratulations, by the way, for getting this far. It is still quite a journey for you, seeing as this is your first year. The journey is long because in your seriousness, you have decided to apply your mind and physical capabilities forthwith. Congratulations are in order because you must have made quite an impression on your academic referees during your entrance application process. Your admissions essay stood out from the rest, not so.

Whether you are a first year student, about to present your first set of academic essays, or a Masters or PhD scholar, still working studiously on your next serious dissertation, it remains incumbent upon you to make that impression upon your lecturers or professors that you are a valued member of the academic fraternity. Won’t you utilize the skilled art of dissertation binding to help you make that positive impact?

Among all the papers that your lecturer or college professor must still read through, imagine his pleasant surprise when he comes across your presentation. This may prompt him to put aside all other work for the evening and focus on your theorizing or critique instead. The positive impact has been made and he should be able to engage himself well with your opening lines. Those lines are yours. Make it as presentable as the binding.