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Become a Knight of St. John International
If you live in Western New York State, USA
Near Buffalo, NY

A Few of the Many Advantages of Membership

The founders of the Knights of St. John had ideals which they desired to spread and foster among Catholic men. They understood the truth of the adage, "In unity there is strength." Alone they could do little, but by uniting many groups and people under a leadership, they could accomplish much. Thus was born the idea out of which the Knights of St. John grew and prospered. In applying to the Legislature of New York State for a charter, they stated their purposes to be: to create and foster a feeling of fraternity and fellowship among the various Commanderies; to improve their moral, mental and social condition; to aid, assist and support members and their families in case of want, sickness and death; and to promote the welfare of the Roman Catholic Religion. Again in 1992, the name was changed to the Knights of St. John International, for our overseas Commanderies, by the Laws of the State of New York.

Military Feature:
The full-dress uniform, consisting of a chapeau, double breasted military styled coat, trousers, sword, belt and necessary trimmings or a marching uniform styled after the naval officers uniform, makes for very neat and impressive uniforms. The Knights of St. John is the most prominent semi-military Catholic organization in the country. For members not wishing to wear the uniform, they may take part in church functions wearing our Sash and Cap or Commandery Blazers.
The advantages to be gained from the military exercise are many. It makes the man stronger in his faith by placing him before the public, clothed in a uniform of a Catholic organization, thus demonstrating to the world at large that he is proud of his religion. It is customary for all Commanderies to turn out in full dress uniforms for all Church occasions, thereby adding to the impressiveness of these events, at the same time offering inducements to the young man to join and take a more active part and interest in religious and fraternal affairs.

Who May Join:
Any practicing Catholic man who has reached the age of 18 years.

Why Join:
Why should I join the Knights of St. John International? My friend, that is a fair question, and this our answer.
You and I are marching toward eternity. In this world we crave a full life, friends, fun and happiness, and an environment clean and godly. You will find all these through the Knights of St. John International. You and I, each has an immortal soul to save. Christ died on the Cross and instituted His Church to give us the opportunity. He will not drag you to Heaven, nor will the Church. You and I must stand on our own feet and march toward it. The Knights of St. John International can and will help you. It will furnish the inspiration and fortitude to live the lofty and noble ideals of this order, a family organization to participate together in Church, Religious, Social and Civic Functions for the entire family A good knights of St. John is always a Good Catholic.

How to Join.
Do not wait to be invited. You are always welcome. If you have any interest, or would like more information about our Catholic Men's Organization, please click on the application link below and send it electronically to the Webmaster. You will receive an acknowledgment.

Please understand that members are expected to attend the meetings of Commandery 391. This usually limits membership to those who live in Western New York. If you wish to join another Commandery please consult this link for the International Knights of St. John.

Those without a computer may contact Our Mother of Good Counsel Parish, 3688 South Park Ave., Blasdell, NY 14219 or phone 716-822-2630.

Please do not send in an application unless you live near Blasdell, NY (a suburb of Buffalo, NY) and intend to be at meetings.

Not ready yet for membership? Please tell us why in an email