Painting with Watercolors

What makes a good watercolor painter? Many believe that the creativity flows when you talk with like-minded people in an environment where the ideas can flow and people can talk about the issues they faced. If you want to be free, expressive and random, you probably will be happier interacting with a group who has a similar philosophy.

Don’t close your mind off to the planners, though. They have looked at the things that cause painters problems from a different perspective and might just have your answers.

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Painting Classes

Classes are a great way to find a group of like-minded people who already have the same idea of painting classes port st lucie.

Painting classes will help you in all sorts of different ways. Yes, it’s ultimately about the painting, but before you get to brush on paper painting classes will give you a speedy insight into the tricks of the trade.


There is so much to learn about the materials. Good materials will help you more than you know. If your brush can’t hold the paint to create an even wash, you’re never going to be able to create the painting you want.

Paints have different properties; granulating or smooth for example. An experienced teacher will shortcut your learning on how materials interact. Sure, you can take years to find out the things they will teach you in a week, but why would you?

How do you get to Carnegie Hall?

We all know the answer and it applies to watercolor like everything else. You need practice, practice and more practice. Painters always have pencil and paper with them.

The artist Arshile Gorky put it succinctly: “Above all, keep at it… for the artist there is only one real situation and only one salvation: Art”.